Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Getting Back into Sewing!

Now that the holidays are over, I really need to get back into the swing of things, quilting wise!
I made it to the top of the queen's list on Stashbusters!  For my UFO finish, I finished the Twinkler pillow that I had made from the leftover blocks from the quilt.  I had four blocks left, and I didn't want to put them back away, so I added 5 print blocks, and did some simple quilting on it 
There it sat for months, while I tried to decide what size pillow I wanted. When my name came to the top of the list, I finally made a quick decision! I think it turned out ok!

I've also made some headway on Grand Illusion.  I started the blocks for Clue #2, which was the one that seemed to give everyone the most headaches!  They really weren't as hard as I thought they would be. I've learned to try to be more precise in my cutting, and especially in my sewing. That has helped a lot!  I measure and sliver trim after each step, too.  That takes me a bit longer, since I have to trim and iron in the dining room, but I'm sewing on my 301-A in the office.

I have 12 blocks done so far, and they turned out pretty good!  My points match up pretty closely, so that is the main thing!
It feels good to finally FEEL like sewing again!  I just wish I had the space to leave things out, so I could sew without having to worry about having to clear the dining room every time!  Oh, well.  I'll just have to do what I can.  It's better than nothing!

I think I'm done for tonight, so until next time...


Sunday, December 14, 2014

Time To Get Back In The Groove!

Oh my goodness, has it really been over two years since I've been on my own blog!
I don't know why I can waste so much time on the computer and not even give my own little blog a few minutes of my time!
Ok, I'm making an early New Year's resolution to try to keep up here a little better.  AND, THIS TIME I MEAN IT!! 
I've even made a couple of quilts in my time away, so... Yeah!! Pictures!!

 My Twinkler Quilt. The blocks were from a block exchange on Pat Sloan's group a few years ago. When the challenge came up on Stashbusters I remembered I had these, and another UFO bit the dust!
All the extra blocks became the back of the quilt, and I used this great red I had. I even threw in some Millennium fabrics I still had!  I had no use in mind when I made this quilt, I just wanted to get it done. I since have been thinking about a co-worker who has been going through chemo, and I think this quilt will end up going to her.
My next project was to make Fall candy corn table runners for myself, my sister-in law, her daughter and her daughter-in-law.  I thought they turned out really cute!  I hope the girls liked them.  My goal is to make runners for every season.  I already have one for St. Patrick's Day I made a few years ago. I guess I don't have a picture of that one.
Oh, I remembered that a lot of my recent pictures are on the laptop, so I'll have to find them on there another day!
It's good to be back!  I'll sign off for now, but I'll be back soon!!


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

How Time Flies

Oh my goodness, am I ever a bad blogger!  I can't believe it's been so long since I posted anything.  It's not that I didn't have anything to say. I think mainly I haven't blogged anything because I haven't sewn a stitch in what seems like forever.  This was supposed to be a blog about my quilts, but I've seemed to lost my quilting "mojo".   I guess when I lost my sewing room I haven't felt much like sewing anything. Poor excuse, probably, I know. I sewed and quilted for many years on the dining room table or desk, so this shouldn't be an excuse. 
I'm off work all this week, so I need to make a real effort to get that sewing machine back out, and sew SOMETHING! Now that I wrote it, I'll have to follow through, right?
Ok, stay tuned! I promise I'll be back soon!


Friday, December 2, 2011

My Christmas Quilt

I've always wanted to  make a special Christmas quilt, but just never seemed to get around to actually doing it.
the last time we went to the quilt show in columbus, i saw a really cute quilt i really liked.
called hubs over to see it, and he really liked it too.
it was a kit, and i really never buy kits, because they're usually too pricey for my budget.
it wasn't way too expensive, but just more than i normally spend at one time!
since he really liked it, though, hubby thought i should go ahead and get it, BUT he said i had to finish it for "THIS CHRISTMAS"!!
haha, he knows me too well!!
well. that was in 2010, and it did indeed get finished for THAT christmas! 
i just love it!
we decorate a lot with snowmen, so it fit right in!


Much Better Now

Ok, the back issue finally did resolve itself.   finally started feeling more like "normal".
Thanksgiving has come and gone. Lots of great food, as usual, and it's always great to see family we don't get to see often enough.
now it's time to think about Christmas. gosh, how did it get to december already!
i'm not one who gets all the shopping done right after Thanksgiving.  i do NOT do "black friday". ever.
besides, i usually have to work anyway.
i have been known to be finishing up my shopping as the stores are closing on dec 24th!
i'm getting much better, and i don't do that anymore.
i can usually get done by dec 23rd! lol!!
my problem is deciding what to get the guys.
this year, i don't have a clue. or a lot of money to get all the stuff they would really like! :)
first we need to decorate, so that will probably get started next week.
the outside lights are up already.
hubs did a good job, as usual. only around 1300 lights so far! hehe!
was  going to add a picture from last year, but all the good pictures are on the laptop.
will add one later.

'nite for now,


Friday, November 18, 2011

Oh, My Aching Back!

For this past week, i've been dealing with a sore back. 
I'm tired of dealing with a sore back.
I guess it really is a sign of getting older, when you can hurt your back not doing anything special.
I was cleaning up a cat mess on monday, didn't think much of it, until i realized i couldn't quite stand up straight.
So all week i've been "walking like an old lady", like hubby says. 
I've had enough of this.
I don't do "pain" well. 
I have too much to do this time of year to not be able to move well. 
I have some cute ideas for Christmas i want to sew, and now i can't sit long enough to do them. 
It's not fair!

Ok, i just needed to vent for a little bit. 
Now i'll put on my big girl panties and deal.


Friday, November 11, 2011

Where Has The Time Gone?

Holy cow,  i can't believe it's been two months since i posted anything!
i guess my life really is that boring!
had  another week of vacation in that time, finished my blue and white quilt top, which turned out really cute, btw.
it's kind of big, though, so i'll need to have the guys hold it up for me to get a pic.
halloween has come and gone.
hubs didn't feel like decorating this year.
he usually goes really all out.
our house is usually the talk of the neighborhood. 
even the neighbors were disappointed, and gave him a hard time about not having the "spooky house'! 
guess he'll have to come up with something good next year!
can't believe it's fall already and it's starting to get cooler.
i don't like cold weather.
i love when it is 70s in the daytime and 50s at night.
guess those days are coming to an end.
winters on lake erie are not for sissies!
snow will be here before we know it!  yuck!
need to sign off and get to bed now.
i promise to post more often, just in case someone is actually reading this! :)
be back soon!