Friday, December 2, 2011

My Christmas Quilt

I've always wanted to  make a special Christmas quilt, but just never seemed to get around to actually doing it.
the last time we went to the quilt show in columbus, i saw a really cute quilt i really liked.
called hubs over to see it, and he really liked it too.
it was a kit, and i really never buy kits, because they're usually too pricey for my budget.
it wasn't way too expensive, but just more than i normally spend at one time!
since he really liked it, though, hubby thought i should go ahead and get it, BUT he said i had to finish it for "THIS CHRISTMAS"!!
haha, he knows me too well!!
well. that was in 2010, and it did indeed get finished for THAT christmas! 
i just love it!
we decorate a lot with snowmen, so it fit right in!


Much Better Now

Ok, the back issue finally did resolve itself.   finally started feeling more like "normal".
Thanksgiving has come and gone. Lots of great food, as usual, and it's always great to see family we don't get to see often enough.
now it's time to think about Christmas. gosh, how did it get to december already!
i'm not one who gets all the shopping done right after Thanksgiving.  i do NOT do "black friday". ever.
besides, i usually have to work anyway.
i have been known to be finishing up my shopping as the stores are closing on dec 24th!
i'm getting much better, and i don't do that anymore.
i can usually get done by dec 23rd! lol!!
my problem is deciding what to get the guys.
this year, i don't have a clue. or a lot of money to get all the stuff they would really like! :)
first we need to decorate, so that will probably get started next week.
the outside lights are up already.
hubs did a good job, as usual. only around 1300 lights so far! hehe!
was  going to add a picture from last year, but all the good pictures are on the laptop.
will add one later.

'nite for now,