Monday, July 25, 2011

Another 4-Legged Addition to the Family

Last October son #3 decided to move out to LA to pursue a career in production work. at the time he had a cute shepherd-terrier mix dog named Sasha. his former girlfriend wasn't able to take the dog, and son wasn't able to take the dog to LA, so guess who got the dog?  that wasn't a hard one, was it?  I swore I wasn't going to have another dog, but since dad already said "sure, we'll take her", I didn't have much choice. everything worked out ok, though. Sasha's a sweet girl, although it would be great if she didn't go crazy barking when anyone walks by, (especially the poor mailman!).


Friday, July 22, 2011

I Got My Buffy!

  I came home from work on Christmas Eve of  2007, ready for a nice dinner my son promised to cook for us.  i walked into the dining room and saw a little orange and white ball of fluff on the desk.  "well, hello", i said to what i thought was my son's new kitty.  "Merry Christmas, mom", said the guys.  i picked up the little ball of fur and said,  "now I have my Buffy!"  it was love at first sight. she was such a tiny little thing, and a little bit  shy.  she had just been brought into the shelter 3 days  before hubby and son #1 had picked her out.   what is wrong with some people who decide to get rid of their pets right before Christmas, for crying out loud?!  
 First night in new home.
"I'll sleep anywhere"
the spca people said she was 1 1/2 years old, but she seemed much younger. my son  thought they might have gotten her mixed up with another cat.   she was also de-clawed, but for some dumb reason, her former owners didn't have her spayed.  i found that out 2 days after Christmas when she started acting weird and poor Spike was , too.  never had a female cat before, so i didn't know what was wrong , but i soon found out!  a call to the shelter soon followed, and an appointment made for ASAP!  soon after she got "fixed", though, my tiny baby became a chubby gal!  she's still my sweet little girl, though, and  loves to snuggle with mommy more than anyone else.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Enter Spike

After  losing Clyde after 19 years, i sure didn't want to think about getting another pet, at least for quite a while.  add to the fact i also lost my mother in october of the same year, i was satisfied being "pet-less".  then one day in january, 2006, hubster tells me to "put on my shoes, we need to go somewhere".  of course, he wouldn't tell me where, so i was getting slightly annoyed.  to my surprise, we ended up at the animal shelter.  hubby decided that i needed another pet.  unfortunately, they didn't have much to choose from that day, so i suggested that maybe we could try another shelter another day when i was a bit more prepared.   a few days later we found the ASPCA shelter, where they had {unfortunately} a lot of cats to choose from.  one guy in particular caught the eye of hubby, a cute tuxedo cat named Spike.  when hub saw on the cat info card that Spike had been brought in on Christmas EVE, for crying out loud, that's all it took. he picked up Spike from his cage, even let him claw his leather jacket, and he was smitten!   So that's how we ended up with Spike, and since i was already a "Buffy" fan, the name stayed!   


How I Became a Cat Herder

It all started one day when my son came home and told me his friend's cat had kittens, and they wouldn't be able to keep them all. "can we go see them, mom, please? they'll have to take them to the shelter, and they'll kill them!"  so, we went to see the kitties. of course, i knew one of them would be coming home with us.  some of the kitties didn't look too healthy, but one was really cute, and looked like the best of the bunch.  so that's when we got Clyde. he was 3 months old and a real cutie, though really shy. I think  he hid under the sofa for a couple of days.  when he finally got used to us, he became MY baby.  he slept curled up on my arm every night, although he liked to cuddle and play tag and fetch with the boys.  he endured several moves, especially from Pa. to Ohio, and hated every one of them. he even lived with our son in cinncinnati for a couple of years. he was born on Superbowl Sunday in 1986, and passed away in my arms in august, 2005.   


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jumping in to the Blogworld

well, here we go! i finally decided to join the blogging world.  it just seems like I'm the only person I know besides my family, who doesn't have a blog, so i decided i might as well share my opinions with the rest of the world, too! since i have lots of opinions on lots of subjects, i feel the need to express said opinions with other people who aren't my family! hehe!  i'm sure some quilting and reading will make their way here, too.  we'll  just see where our journey leads us.