Thursday, September 8, 2011

A New Quilt?!

well, my fall quilt is done done, the log cabin needs a backing sewn, then basted, etc;
the flower pot quilt still needs the quilting finished;
then there are all those other ufos calling my name,  so what am i doing today?
I feel like starting another quilt!
for a while now i've been collecting blues and yellows.
i love the look of a blue and yellow quilt, and i've been wanting to make one for a long time.
our living room is yellow with white trim, and i think a blue and yellow quilt would look so nice in there.
even though hubs doesn't care for blue and yellow because "they're michigan colors", too bad!
that's a dumb reason to me, so i'm going to do what i want anyway! hehehe
sometime ago i bought this yummy collection of half-yard cuts of blue fabrics i've been saving for this.
i don't even remember where i got them, but they're perfect for this project.
then today i opened up a jelly roll of strips i had bought from pat sloan, but never used yet.
inside were yummy yellows! just what i needed.
so that's how this project got started today.
i'm not even going to think about all those many, many other unfinished quilt projects calling my name.
i'm going to close my ears and start cutting!